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Power Lunch is our signature reading and mentoring program. A professional adult (Reading Mentor) is paired with an elementary school student to read together. The Reading Mentor selects a day on which they meet weekly at the student’s school during the student’s lunch hour. Onsite School Coordinators supervise the reading and offer any needed support. Books are provided. Being a mentor is a rewarding experience as with just one hour a week, you can make a positive difference in a child’s life.

The goals of Power Lunch are simple:


To encourage a child’s interest in reading by…

Generating enthusiasm for books and reading
Helping the student overcome apprehension of reading
Building listening, comprehension and vocabulary skills
Increasing attention span and ability to concentrate
Encouraging the child to read at home

To expand a child’s opportunities for success by…
Providing a mentor who will act as a positive role model
Exposing the child to new information and experiences
Helping the child articulate thoughts
Enhancing imagination, insight and independent thinking
Building self-esteem and confidence

To facilitate meaningful volunteer contributions by…
Matching children one-on-one with caring adults within a structured relationship
Creating a link between schools and organizations
Preparing Reading Mentors through quality training and orientation


If you are interested in participating in our Power Lunch program please view Become a Mentor or contact Lucinda Mulzac at (202) 216-9467 ext. 206.


List of participating Power Lunch Schools.

"I love this program. It helps me get better with my reading. I learn new words with Everybody Wins!"
"I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my lunch hour!"
"My student has jumped leaps and bounds in her reading confidence."
"It's going to be great when summer's over and we can read again together."
"Most of all, I will remember enjoying the improvement I witnessed over the past two years!"
"I like when my reading partner reads to me and I get to learn to read when I read back to her."