How Your Tax Deductible Contribution Will Be Used:


For our Power Lunch Program


The Power Lunch program is EW!DC’s signature initiative, operating in Title 1 public elementary schools. The program links eager young minds with caring adults who give an hour of their time each week to read with their student during lunch. It benefits children academically, as well as socially, by bringing a diverse selection of children’s literature into the schools and pairing students with caring adult readers who serve as Reading Mentors. Your donation will help sponsor children to participate in Power Lunch and will help build funds for expanding the program. It might also support transportation costs for field trips and end-of-year celebrations or go toward books or supplies for the program.


For our Readers Are Leaders Program


Modeled after the Power Lunch program, Readers Are Leaders matches older students with younger students to read aloud together, one-on-one, during lunch hour. The program, which pairs 3rd through 5th grade students with K through 2nd grade students, was developed to serve schools that are too geographically remote to implement a Power Lunch program. By pairing older students with younger ones, Readers Are Leaders creates a unique peer mentoring relationship that benefits both participants. The Readers Are Leaders program operates in nine Title I public elementary schools throughout Washington, D.C. Donations to this program will help cover costs of leadership trainings for older students, reading-related activities for all students, and books.


For our StoryTime Program


Like all of EW!DC’s programs, StoryTime is intended to encourage children’s interest in reading and to cultivate enthusiasm for books. StoryTime brings in storytellers from the community to share tales with the children. StoryTime operates in eight elementary schools and delights each of our K through 3rd graders once a year. StoryTime is not only entertaining. It also offers the children a chance to learn, imagine and explore their own minds in a joyful setting. The children often leave mesmerized and overjoyed with their new books. By also giving the children new books that incorporate the storyteller’s theme and message, the children will go home and continue reading the story with the same enthusiasm the storyteller did, especially when they can now be the storyteller.


"Seeing her become more confident and her love of reading increase has been such a joy to watch."
"It's mostly fun to read and watch her become such a confident reader and learn to love reading as much as I do. She is one of my best friends."
"When an adult helps a child, it tells that child how special they are. We send a message to the child- you are important to me- that is powerful and undeniable."
"It's a fantastic program, and I think the mentors get as much, if not more, than the student. You meet wonderful kids and have lots of fun."
"When I read, I learn and grow-- you know, like Jack and the Beanstalk kind of growing and that's really big!"
"I wish Everybody Wins was everyday!"